How we fast-tracked work to help a veteran get home sooner

We were contacted by a veteran living in Waitara, New South Wales after Telstra advised him he needed a phone jack installed so he could use a Personal Response System (PRS) in his home.

The veteran was in palliative care in hospital and needed the PRS so he could remain in his home after he was discharged. The PRS would allow the veteran to trigger an alert call from his bed so our closest medical officer could come to his assistance.


The same day we took the call from our customer, we contacted one of our providers with the details of the job. The provider confirmed they could fast-track the work to have it completed first thing the following morning.

The next day the veteran called us to thank the case manager overseeing his claim for her assistance. Thanks to her help he got back to the comfort of his own home faster than he ever expected.