Scooter collision

Mark’s scooter was rammed head-on by a car. He had been riding down a busy street, when the car came around a bend in the road and lost control. The car hit Mark’s scooter and sent him flying through the air. He landed on the rough bitumen and slid several metres, badly injuring both of his arms. Locals at the scene called an ambulance and Mark was transported to hospital. Doctors checked Mark’s injuries but the hospital didn’t have the facilities to treat him. Mark was transported to a bigger hospital in Athens, where he received the surgery that he needed. Mark then spent 13 days in the hospital recovering. Police had attended the scene of the accident. They confirmed that Mark had not been drinking. Mark had also worn a helmet, had the correct licence and travel insurance for the type of bike that he was riding. Mark’s travel insurer covered the costs of his hospital stay and medical treatment, including his ambulance transfers.