A lost wallet and bike that won’t restart, how we turned Mike’s luck

“G’day mate. I’ve just done the silliest thing ever in my whole life.”

A veteran Harley Davidson rider, called us during his 2600 kilometre journey across the Nullarbor Plain to attend the Ulysses Motorcycle Club’s Annual Meeting in Albany, Western Australia.

After switching off his engine at a road works site, he went to restart his bike—only to realise that he had lost his security tag (which is needed to start the engine) along with his wallet and mobile phone. They were all in a bag that had fallen off our customer’s bike somewhere along the open road.

Our customer service assistant John contacted the service manager at Harley Davidson Adelaide to see if there was another way to start the bike without the security tag. They suggested we call the selling dealer in the Northern Territory to check if they recorded the bike’s release code number. Luckily they did and before long he was moving again.

In the meantime we received a call from Harley Davidson Adelaide to say a passer-by found our customer’s bag and left it for safekeeping at a highway truck stop.

The customer later thanked us for our help. He arrived at the meeting on-time and was relieved knowing that his wallet, mobile phone and security tag would be waiting for him on his return home.