Pavers laid within 12 days! What we did for an 87 year-old veteran

An 87-year-old veteran living in Victor Harbour, South Australia had his home assessed by one of our regional occupational therapists after he contacted us concerned about the uneven, slippery bricks on his path. After visiting the veteran’s home the occupational therapist contacted us with her recommendation that the customer’s path needed new anti-slip pavers.

One of our case managers contacted the veteran to check he was happy for a sub-contractor to visit his home to provide a quote for the paving. We then faxed the details of the job to our provider, Keith Russell, who quickly confirmed he would take on the job as a fast-track for the 2010 subsidy of $203.

Within twelve days, Keith had laid the pavers at the veteran’s home. When we contacted the customer for his feedback on our service he told us Keith did a wonderful job and he was very appreciative of our speedy, friendly and professional service.