Travel warnings

Travel alerts and warnings

Travel alerts and warnings

Some factors may affect your travel insurance coverage at the time of purchase. Your travel insurance cover may be affected by, government warnings and advice or major events in the mass media relating to your destination at the time you decide to purchase a policy.

Government Warnings

From time to time the Australian Government issues warnings and advice recommending that people do not to travel or should reconsider visiting particular countries or regions. If travellers choose to go to affected countries, their coverage may be affected for claims arising from the specific risk. For example: Iraq currently has an advice level of “Iraq overall, do not travel” there is a risk of terrorist attack, kidnapping and violence. If a customer visits Iraq, develops a cold and needs to visit the doctor – this claim will not be affected by the warning and will be assessed based on the product disclosure statement. However, if a customer is injured in an act of violence and visits the hospital, their claim may be affected by the government warning. Search for your destination in to see any warnings that may affect your cover.

Travel Alerts

Allianz Global Assistance issues travel alerts across our travel insurance portfolio when major events occur around the globe. At times, they may potentially restrict coverage for claims arising from specific events for policies purchased after a set date; this is called the cut off date. You will find the cut-off date and time in the body of each travel alert. For example: If there’s a travel alert open for the volcanic eruption of Mt. Agung in Bali, with a cut-off date of 1 June 2018 and you purchase a policy on 2 June 2018 and have a subsequent claim for cancelled flights, your claim may be affected. If you claim for a covered unrelated medical expense, it would be unaffected by the travel alert and will be assessed based on the product disclosure statement. Once a travel alert is closed, it no longer affects claims. We regularly review our active travel advisories and issue updates or closures depending on the level of threat. You will know if a travel alert has been closed as the heading will start with the word “Closed”. Click here to find a list of current and previous travel alerts.