Closed: 210819 – Information about travel to Sri Lanka

Bombing attacks throughout Sri Lanka, 21 April. DFAT advice:Reconsider your need to travel”   

If you are currently travelling

Safety is your first priority. Please follow advice from local authorities and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

If you require emergency assistance, including emergency medical assistance, please contact us as soon as you can on 1300 725 154, or speak to the local operator and ask to be put through reverse charge to +61 7 3305 7499.

If you are looking to change your travel arrangements, please contact your travel agent or travel provider directly regarding the best option in altering your trip. Some travel providers may provide penalty free options to amend travel arrangements. Generally, travel insurance coverage does not extend to claims that arise due to an act of terrorism for the following benefits:

Cancellation of travel plans, expenses as related to travel delays, alternative transportation expenses.

However, all claims are reviewed based on the circumstances of your claim in conjunction with your policy terms and conditions, limits, Benefit exclusions and General Exclusions. If you have any queries about your policy benefits please contact our Allianz Global Assistance Information Hotline on 1300 725 154. 

If you are about to travel

If you are about to travel to Sri Lanka and you have concerns about travelling, we recommend contacting your travel agent or travel provider to discuss your options. You may also contact our Allianz Global Assistance Information Hotline on 1300 725 154 if you would like to clarify your policy entitlements. 

Policy coverage

Policy coverage and benefits vary based on individual circumstances and therefore we would like to take the opportunity to remind and encourage travellers who purchase travel insurance to always read their travel insurance Product Disclosure Statement, so that you know which risks you are covered for.

We will assess all claims in accordance with your Product Disclosure Statement and your Certificate of Insurance.

Contact us

1300 725 154

We will publish this and any updated travel insurance advisories on our website: