Allianz reveals Aussies made more claims this summer, with summer holiday claims up 32 percent2

Monkey attacks, slippery ski slopes and fitness fails are just a few scenarios Australians found themselves in this summer1.  Data released by Allianz Global Assistance, the assistance provider of Allianz Travel Insurance,also found the number of summer holiday[1] claims made were up  32[2] per cent, over a 12 month period.

When holidaying overseas, Allianz found that travellers visiting the USA made the most number of claims, followed by Thailand and then Canada1.

Lynne Sutherland, Chief Sales Officer for Allianz Partners, comments: “Over the summer holiday period last year, there were over 16,0001 travel claims, highlighting the importance of travel insurance for protection from unexpected incidents. Typically, people purchase travel insurance 0-4 weeks ahead of departure, when we’re also often preoccupied with planning the actual trip itself.

Some of the most unexpected incidents reported last year included:

  1. Monkey attacks.  While it sounds like something out of Planet of the Apes, Australian travellers have been attacked by monkeys whilst in South East Asia.
  1. Fitness fails. Whilst most travellers are keen to enjoy extra pudding, there was an unusual amount of reports related to gym incidents.
  1. Parasite infection. Reports of gastro-like symptoms usually suggests a passing bug, but not for an unlucky traveller who had intestinal parasites, which landed them a ten night stay in hospital.4
  1. Slippery slopes. Aussie travellers love to flock to the northern hemisphere for a magical white Christmas. Not so magical for one Aussie who landed himself in a white cast, rather skiing in Canada.
  1. Aussie’s jumped abroad. Aussies enjoy amping it up in Thailand’s Karaoke bar scene, however one traveller’s night hit a low note, when he experienced a disputed bill, robbery and found himself suspiciously light on cash.4
  1. Slippery when wet. One Aussie slipped over in a bathroom in Columbia, breaking four ribs.6

As increasing numbers of Australians are planning their European summer trips, Ms. Sutherland encourages Aussies heading overseas to consider travel insurance.

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Figures provided based on Allianz Global Assistance data, the assistance provider of Allianz Travel Insurance.

[1] Holiday period  Dec 16 and NY ’17 vs Dec 17 and NY ’18

[2] Allianz Global Assistance owned Data, Number of travel-related claims over Dec 16 and NY ’17 vs Dec 17 and NY ’18

3Medical First Call Database – August 2018

4 Medical First Call Database – September 2018