St. George Complimentary Credit Card Insurance and COVID-19 (Coronavirus) FAQ

Last Update: 27 April 2020

What is a General Exclusion?

A General Exclusion (or sometimes termed an Insurance Exclusion) is an exclusion that will be applied across all sections of an insurance policy, regardless of when a group policy eligibility for cover was gained.  Should a General Exclusion apply, your Complimentary Credit Card Travel Insurance cover excludes the event, activities or circumstances (specified in the exclusion) that causes your claim.

To understand what is excluded from the group policy, refer to the Insurance Exclusions section of the group policy, which is set out in the St. George Credit Card Complimentary Insurance booklet. Please refer to the group policy booklet that your group policy is eligible under for any additional specific exclusion/s that apply: Amplify Signature Card, Vertigo Platinum Card (previously known as Platinum Visa), and Amplify Platinum Card.

What is a Pandemic or Epidemic?

In general terms, Epidemic means a sudden development or rapid spreading of a contagious disease in the region where it developed.

Pandemic generally means a form of an Epidemic that extends throughout an entire continent or across continents.

Is COVID-19 considered a Pandemic or Epidemic?

The World Health Organisation has characterised COVID-19 as a Pandemic.

I am a St. George cardholder, am I covered for COVID-19 with my Complimentary Credit Card Travel Insurance?

To receive a formal outcome, St. George cardholders must submit a claim.

St. George cardholders who meet the eligibility criteria should be aware of the terms and conditions for their Complimentary Credit Card Insurance.

Whilst there is no specific exclusion for Pandemic or Epidemic mentioned in the St. George Credit Card Complimentary Insurance booklet cardholders should be aware of eligibility criteria which has potential to apply.

Cover for cancellation is only provided if the cancellation meets one or more of the listed event/s. To find the listed events, please refer to Page 36 Benefit 3: Unexpected cancellation of travel arrangements and other unexpected expenses of the St. George Credit Card Complimentary Insurance booklet.

I have booked travel and want to cancel because of COVID-19, am I covered?

You need to consider your own personal circumstances. We are not able to provide you with a cover decision. To receive a formal outcome, you must submit a claim.

You should also contact your travel agent or travel service provider (airline, cruise line or tour company, etc) as they may be able to support you to obtain refunds, credits or travel re-scheduling.

What should I do if I am quarantined?

If you experience a medical incident or are quarantined while you are overseas, we have a 24 hour medical assistance team that is available to support you.

Call our medical team on +61 7 3305 7468.

Can I make a claim for consideration?

Every St. George cardholder can submit a claim and have their individual circumstances considered in accordance with eligibility criteria,  terms, conditions, limits and exclusions that apply, as set out in the Amplify Signature Card, Vertigo Platinum Card (previously known as Platinum Visa), and Amplify Platinum Card booklet.

If you would like to claim, we encourage you to claim online via