Health Partners

Together we can deliver better health

We understand the health industry and are experienced in helping Australians take care of health issues by delivering qualified advice, practical help and authentic understanding. Joining forces with us means you can offer advanced levels of care to your customers.

When you can’t be there for your customers

If you’re an insurer, private hospital or pharmaceutical company, choosing Allianz PartnersĀ as a partner means your customers will always be connected to genuine care and the confidence of a global team. Some difficulties require a deft touch, and that’s especially true when your customers’ health and wellbeing is at stake. In Australia, we have one of the largest networks of sub-contracted medical professionals across all aspects of health care including: emergency assistance, everyday health management, post-operative support, rehabilitation and improved mobility including extensive equipment provision. We also have experience in delivering disease management programs, in-home patient education and medication administration, and prescription adherence programs. We help our medical and pharmaceutical partners achieve increased confidence and satisfaction from both doctors and patients in issuing and managing complex prescriptions. We make partnering easy, with customised products or support services that meet your specific goals and the needs of your customers, underpinned by leading-edge technology and communications capabilities.

Key benefits of partnering with us

  • Large network of sub-contracted medical professionals country-wide
  • Truly national and international coverage for emergency medical care
  • Medical expertise available 24/7 within our Australian call centre
  • Allied health, pharmaceutical and mobility equipment knowledge and services
  • Informed team members with the skills to engage, assist and empathise

Benga Ohunayo

Manager - Business Development, Health