Annual Reports

2013 Annual Report

03 - 05 - 14

The Group stayed the course and continued to perform well in 2013.We experienced another year of exceptional growth, 9.1% (or 12.1% at a constant exchange rate). We overshot our revenue targets to reach a total of 2.4bn€. 2013 was also the year that culminated in the creation of Allianz Worldwide Partners, Allianz’ integrated B2B2C entity. Download the 2013 Annual Report … Read More

2012 Annual Report

03 - 05 - 13

While each year represents a new and different chapter in the life of the Group, 2012 was in many ways a continuation of 2011. We exceeded our revenue target of 2.2bn€, outperforming growth in 2011 by 9%. Profitability climbed 20.1% to achieve a landmark operating profit of 113m€. We took other strides in 2012 to achieve our 2015 ambition and maintain our position as the world’s leading provider of travel insurance and assistance solutions. Download the 2012 Annual Report … Read More

2011 Annual Report

03 - 05 - 12

Allianz Global Assistance announced its financial results for the year 2011 and confirmed its ambitions for the next three years. For the first time, global turnover exceeded 2 billion Euros (2.054 billion Euros), representing an increase of 8.5% over 2010. All geographic regions and the Group’s three lines of business, Automotive, Travel and Health & Home, contributed to growth in 2011. Download the 2011 Annual Report … Read More

2010 Annual Report

03 - 05 - 11

With a consolidated turnover of 1.892 billion Euros, Allianz Global Assistance reports 13.1% growth in 2010 compared to 2009 (1.673 billion Euros). A 16.9% increase in net profit, or 67.2 million Euros, accompanied revenue growth. A stable, year-over-year Combined Ratio of 95.8% demonstrates satisfactory technical profitability. Download the 2010 Annual Report … Read More