Seniors Package

Qualified advice to live well in your own home

Your home is your personal retreat, and it should be safe and stress-free. Our professional assessment allows you to be proactive in dealing with risks that come with ageing, to help you remain independent and enjoy the comforts of home for as long as possible.

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What you receive

  • Comprehensive home assessment by a seniors’ occupational therapist
  • Customised report with clear recommendations, delivered within 5 days of your assessment
  • Visual guides to recommended household modifications.

Practical advice for daily living

Modifications to your house and the way you manage your health can make a big difference. We connect you with an experienced seniors’ occupational therapist that comes to you, at your preferred time, to provide useful advice relevant to your lifestyle.

We want to help you prevent mishaps that affect many seniors? One in three Australians over the age of 65 report having a fall. Most serious falls happen as people go about their daily lives: while gardening, cleaning and walking. Our tailored advice is designed to help:

  • Prevent falls and common injuries
  • Improve home safety
  • Manage your medication more effectively
  • Take care of your nutrition and physical activity needs.

Reliable support to take action

We can quickly connect you with dependable people to implement the recommendations in your report – we have an extensive network of tradespeople and health workers. Our global reach means we can put you in touch with vetted professionals, no matter where you live. For home modifications, our affiliated tradesperson will provide a written estimate of cost and a guarantee that work undertaken will address the written report from the occupational therapist.