Pre & Post Surgery

Helping patients get home sooner

Surgery can be a daunting prospect for most people. But imagine if recovery was hampered by a fall or serious injury at home after surgery. With an Allianz Partners (AP) pre and post-surgery assessment, patients are home sooner and the risks associated with falls during recovery can be reduced.

How assessments work

  • Prior to undergoing surgery, an occupational therapist has visited the patient’s home to complete a comprehensive assessment.
  • The recommended aids and appliances will be delivered to the home and installed in preparation for the patient’s return.
  • Once discharged, an occupational therapist will return to the patient’s home to set up equipment and provide training and education.

Benefits for the medical provider


  • Reduced costs for hospitals
  • Shorter patient in-hospital stays
  • Efficient patient discharge process


Benefits for the patient

  • Safe home environment
  • Better recovery experience
  • Sense of independence