Patient Pharmaceutical Support

You'll never feel helpless with our expert assistance

Our medical professionals have equal amounts of expertise and empathy. We're here to remove the uncertainty that comes with dealing with medicines and complex prescriptions, so you can stay on top of your health condition.

Need assistance? +61 (0) 7 3305 7000

Benefits of our support

  • We show you how to administer your medication, and offer ongoing guidance
  • Highly skilled doctors and nurses are available to answer your questions
  • You’re more likely to achieve the desired health outcomes

Strong record of support

We are trusted by high-profile pharmaceutical clients to provide end-to-end case management for patients, which means we’ve established the infrastructure and team needed to provide an excellent support service. That includes:

  • Team members with strong product knowledge, client service skills and compassion
  • Modern 24-hour call centre and on-call support from highly skilled doctors and nurses
  • A National Nurse Manager to oversee and offer professional leadership within our team

Allianz Partners has been a provider of Patient Pharmaceutical Support for more than five years in Australia: globally we manage 30 disease management programs and are partnered with 14 pharmaceutical companies for 21 prescription medication programs.

Because correct medication matters

Needing to take medications can be a worrying and confusing experience. Your ability to follow your prescription correctly is important for your ongoing health and peace of mind. With Allianz Partners, you’re supported well beyond the doctor’s surgery or hospital ward.

Our in-home consultation and ongoing 24-hour availability means you have medical professionals on standby to improve your confidence to take care of yourself. Knowing the how’s and why’s of your medication also means you’re more likely to get benefit from your treatment.