Emergency Home Assistance

How heartening it is to come home. We're committed to keeping you cosy. While we can't shelter you from urgent situations, we'll be there to help when you need emergency home assistance.

Need more information? 1800 784 149

What you receive*

  • Up to $300 towards each call-out under your plan
  • 24/7 support line connects you with tradespeople
  • Quick & convenient for home owners and landlords
  • Three plan levels: platinum, standard and lite.
"Helpful and prompt." Laura, VIC

Don’t be exposed when trouble arises

When emergency repairs are needed, we’ll be there to help restore your house or investment property. Put your feet up, assured you know exactly who to call in case of common yet stressful problems around the house.

An experienced helping hand

Our global footprint and sophisticated communication capabilities means we connect you or your tenants to help fast, all with the warmth and professionalism of true experts in assistance services. It’s what we’re best at.


What we can help with

We can help with any of these ten common calamities:

  1. Locked out of the house
  2. Blackout or power failure
  3. Burst tap or showerhead
  4. Damaged roof or guttering causing an internal leak
  5. Burst pipe
  6. Blocked toilet, drain or pipes
  7. Broken or burst hot water system
  8. Gas leak
  9. Broken external door or window
  10. Broken or damaged heating/cooling system

Exclusions, limitations and terms and conditions apply. Click here for details.