Nevein Baniamin

Head of Robotics and Call Digitalisation, Organisation Management & Operations

Nevein dreamed of becoming a doctor when she was growing up in Egypt, and eventually completed her medical studies to pursue her passion to help people when they are sick and vulnerable. However, an opportunity to join the corporate world in Dubai set Nevein on her journey to Allianz Partners, Australia. She believes nothing impossible and never shies away from challenges, she is intrigued by them. Perhaps that is why she has landed where is today.

Nevein’s experience leading and implementing new teams set her up for a leadership position in our Organisational Management team where she is an expert at helping our business continually improve. She says, “For me, continuous improvement is not only beneficial for the company to save costs, which is definitely important to any organisation, but equally important to the employees; simpler processes will get employees to enjoy what they are doing, it will create better opportunities for them to grow to their maximum abilities and strengthen their skills and knowledge and this will increase their engagement” 

Nevein is truly focused on how she can help others, and when asked what her aspirations for the future are, Nevein answered “In the midst of the current circumstances, one has to think of the entire world.  I wish for a safer future for everybody and for my kids. On a personal note, I want to grow stronger and contribute where it is needed the most.”

Nevein believes that real leadership is not about titles, and should be about attitude. She encourages leaders to always be authentic and to act with integrity.

Nevein’s advice to younger women starting their careers is to build bridges with people, support them and enjoy the ride – the fun is in the journey not the destination. Never give up, real strength is built inside out and with the right attitude, you will always be a winner at the end.