Caitlin Rodway

Business Engagement Manager – Organisational Management

What is the function of Organisational Management at Allianz Partners?

We are a diverse group of people who lead the planning and delivery of a range of projects and the onboarding of new partners. We work across our lines of business to improve our digital capability, customer experience and operational efficiencies.

What makes a high performing team perform at their best capability?

Providing purpose and creating an environment where intellectual curiosity and continuous improvement are encouraged. It’s important to give the team the opportunities and the space to experiment, having the courage to overcome challenges as individuals and as a collaborative unit.

How would you describe the culture you aim to foster through your leadership?

Trust, respect and a genuine desire to help and support one another.  A culture which enables teams to come together, break down silos and fail safely allows us to achieve great things.

What is your secret ingredient to your career success to date?

Seek out opportunities to learn, bringing diversity to your experience; never be afraid to be ambitious; and celebrate your successes whilst always remaining humble.