Brooke McDonald

Senior Corporate Counsel, Legal

Prior to embarking on her legal career, Brooke held a variety of roles in operations, risk and compliance for several financial services institutions in Sydney. At the age of 25, Brooke decided to enrol in university as a mature age student to study Arts/Law.  She juggled study with a full-time job, and relished the challenge. She was determined to succeed, being the first in her extended family to attend university.

Soon after commencing her studies  Brooke was made redundant – a casualty of the GFC, however, with her positive view, she saw this as an opportunity to transition into her legal career  and quickly secured a position as a paralegal with a leading Wall Street law firm -all while chipping away at her degree.

Upon graduating in 2012, Brooke worked in private practice before taking a role in-house.

Growing up, Brooke aspired to be Australia’s first female prime minister, and had grand plans of being a chef or a singer. Perhaps a legal career is somewhere in the middle, right? She cheekily discloses her future aspirations are to make a tonne of money by investing in cryptocurrency to buy a vineyard in the Hunter Valley! But jokes aside, she wants to give back to the community – seeking a future board appointment for a charitable organisation.

In line with her pursuit of lifelong learning and self-development, she has also just bought a drum kit and says perhaps she’s going to be the next John Bonham from Led Zeppelin!  We look forward to hearing what Brooke can do musically over the coming months –her neighbours may have different ideas.

Brooke gives the following advice to young women from all walks of life, “Choose your friends wisely – surround yourself with strong, like-minded women that are supportive and uplift each other. You are far more capable than you think – back yourself and don’t over think it.”