Allianz data indicates Australians are maximising the extra time off with Vietnam and Japan proving most popular

New data from Allianz is pointing to a break away from traditional travel destinations this Easter – compared to the same period last year – with an increase in trips to international destinations. With Australian families now able to turn three days annual leave into ten days off, the number of travellers choosing to visit Asian countries has seen the biggest jump within the Easter timeframe1.

Vietnam has seen an impressive 70 per cent2 increase in traveller policies purchased over Easter dates, compared to the year prior. With over 15 million tourists flocking to the country3 in 2018, it’s the bustling streets of Hanoi and the mesmerising floating fish markets of Lan Ha Bay that are the nation’s most popular destinations.

Meanwhile, Japan has shown the second most popular increase in policies purchased for Easter 2019 (+24%)2. Thanks to the stunning Spring cherry blossoms and impressive traditional cuisine, Australians are being drawn to Japan for experiences unlike anywhere else in the world4. With an incredible 31 million global visitors4 last year, Allianz is predicting the nation’s popularity will only continue to rise this year due to the Rugby World Cup 2019 and 2020 Summer Olympics Games in Tokyo.

Meanwhile, Indonesia continues to be a favourite for Australians travelling this Easter, with most heading to Bali5. Allianz has noted a 19 percent2 year-on-year growth demand, while Hong Kong and Singapore have also recorded an increase in policies sold with 15 per cent and 10 per cent respectively2.

Contrary to the above, the number of Australians purchasing domestic travel policies for Easter dates has decreased2 with the data suggesting Australians are instead choosing to take advantage of the extended break by travelling internationally.

Aimee McGuinness, Chief Underwriting Officer for Allianz Partners, comments: “It’s fantastic to see how Australians are cleverly taking advantage of the extra time off over Easter this year, and travelling to new destinations as a result.”

She continues, “Whenever travelling overseas it’s important to be prepared for the simple things, like busier airports and flight delays, but also where and how you are going to get to different destinations to ensure everything runs smoothly.”

As increasing numbers of Australians are planning their extended Easter vacations, Ms. McGuinness encourages Aussies heading overseas to consider travel insurance.

“Over the Easter period6 last year there were almost 4005 travel claims made, so having the right travel insurance policy to suit your needs is essential.”

In March 2019, a pensioner saved themselves nearly $150,0007 from an air ambulance, as a result of tripping while walking back to their hotel room in Vietnam.

Allianz: Top 5 destinations with year on year growth demand *
1. Vietnam (+70%)
2. Japan (+24%)
3. Indonesia (+19%)
4. Hong Kong (+15%)
5. Singapore (+10%)
*Source: Based on Allianz Global Assistance Owned Data, 2018-2019

In February 2019, a 23-year-old female fractured her wrist and hip during a snowboarding accident while on holiday in Japan. The total cost of the case amounted $51,0008 in medical expenses and an air repatriation from an Allianz registered nurse.

Figures provided based on Allianz Global Assistance data, the assistance provider of Allianz Travel Insurance.

1 Allianz Global Assistance Owned Data, April 15 – May 3, 2019

2 Allianz Global Assistance Owned Data, 2018-2019




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