Allianz Worldwide Partners and Unitywater announce new five year partnership

Offering customers additional value on their water and waste service

Allianz Worldwide Partners and Unitywater have announced the start of a five-year partnership that offers a suite of new water leakage insurance and assistance products to customers in the Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast and Noosa areas, whose residents have recently faced challenges with costly water bills due to excess water consumption, in excess of thousands of dollars in some extreme cases[1].

The new range of products available for purchase by Unitywater customers will include Emergency Home Assistance services and Concealed Leak Protection Insurance. The partnership marks new territory for AWP, a trusted provider for assistance and insurance across a diverse industry portfolio.

The partnership aims to provide Unitywater customers with peace of mind and achieve additional value from their water and waste services and to better assist them with potential water wastage issues, sometimes caused by unknown concealed leaks.

The impact of concealed leaks to homeowners

A high percentage of Unitywater’s customers are people who live in stand-alone houses and whose property is serviced by a single water meter, which means the property owner will be solely liable for paying for the full cost of the water bill if a leak is from pipes or fittings on their property. Not only can concealed leaks potentially waste large volumes of water, but if left unnoticed, homeowners may only realise once they receive a large water bill. Concealed Leak Protection Insurance is designed to offer insurance cover for concealed water leaks from underground water pipes at insured properties.

What are concealed leaks?

Concealed leaks from broken or cracked pipes, often occur in the water pipe that runs underground from the water meter to the house, and are caused by such things as soil movements, tree roots, digging and landscaping and ageing water pipes. They are hidden from view and often hard to find, especially if they occur in certain soil types where leaking water can easily drain away without being noticed.

On demand help with water emergencies

Along with Concealed Leak Insurance, the partnership will also see the Emergency Home Assistance service offering available to all Unitywater customers, taking the stress of out finding a tradesperson in times of an emergency. Allianz Worldwide Partners is able to provide help for 11 common home emergencies, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including but not limited to;

  • Burst pipes
  • Damaged roof or guttering causing internal leaks
  • Gas leaks
  • Blackout or power failure
  • Broken or damaged cooling system
  • Burst hot water systems
  • Blocked toilets, drains or pipes

Craig Dalzell, CEO of Allianz Worldwide Partners says, “We are delighted to enter into a long-term partnership with Unitywater, opening a new territory of insurance under Allianz Worldwide Partners. The cost of concealed leaks can be high – at AWP, we believe it’s important that customers have the right level of support should a concealed leak or an emergency happen on their property. We hope that this partnership will provide local residents with better water and waste assistance and insurance options should they experience a pipe blockage or break in the future.”

George Theo, CEO, Unitywater says, “We teamed up with Allianz to offer additional support for our customers and protect them from the unexpected. Customers who experience concealed leaks on their properties are able to claim a one-off leak rebate from Unitywater. However, this new insurance gives our customers an even better level of protection because it covers the cost of repairs as well as the cost of water.”

About UnityWater

Unitywater is the statutory authority that provides water and sewerage services to Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast and Noosa local authority areas.

[1] Unitywater data, 2017