Allianz Worldwide Partners is now open for business

Leading players in the assistance services sector formally migrate their Allianz Global Assistance Australian arm under their global entity, Allianz Worldwide Partners (AWP). Created in 2014, Allianz Worldwide Partners is a member of the Allianz Group and is a B2B2C business that combines the strength, experience and expertise of Allianz Global Automotive, Allianz Global Assistance and Allianz Worldwide Care.

As AWP’s business partners continue to expand internationally, they require greater global services and are looking to differentiate their offerings with value-added solutions. Connecting the three household brands under one global organisation will allow AWP to  achieve a wider global network, become the ‘House of Partner Experience’ and tap into global technology systems to predict trends before they hit the Australian market.

Commenting on the new direction of the business, Craig Dalzell, CEO of Allianz Worldwide Partners, said, “By uniting three of Allianz’s leading subsidiaries under one organisation, Allianz Worldwide Partners (AWP) will streamline the capabilities of the business and provide us with opportunities to invest in global and customer-centric services to deliver a stronger partner focus moving forward. Our modular, value-added solutions are the result of our customer-centric approach. 

“Globally, we helped over 40 million Australian customers last year – equivalent to one customer every thirty seconds. This year, we are committed to accompanying and supporting our business partners with solutions that protect and care for their customers and employees worldwide. This will be achieved by maintaining our position as the leader of assistance services and increasing our offering in the healthcare, lifecare, cyber assistance, mobile device and digital risk space.”

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