Allianz Care Continues to Support International Students in Australia

Allianz Partners, part of one of the world’s largest insurance groups, announced that it would not increase premiums for overseas student health cover in 2021, demonstrating its continued commitment to support the health and wellbeing of international students in Australia.

While other health insurance providers have recently announced increases to overseas student health cover premiums, Allianz Partners has announced a premium freeze for its Overseas Student Health Cover – Standard and Overseas Student Health Cover – Essentials products in 2021.

Aimee McGuinness, Chief Sales Officer at Allianz Partners Australia, said Allianz Partners’ was determined to lead the industry and champion the health and wellbeing of international students continuing to live and study in Australia during the last 18 months.

“To support international students to navigate the many challenges they are facing due to COVID-19, we introduced a number of initiatives in 2020 above our policy inclusions.

“These include providing food vouchers, sponsoring mental wellbeing programs in partnership with learning institutions, improving connectivity through community building activities, enhancing digital support services and funding extra technological support.

“This latest initiative—freezing premiums on health cover while others in the industry increase prices—demonstrates our steadfast commitment to protecting the health and wellbeing of international health students in Australia, particularly during this challenging time,” said Ms McGuinness.

Andrea Strachan, Director – Student Services at The University of Queensland (UQ) said Allianz Partners’ proactivity in support of Australia’s international student population had enabled students to navigate studying and living in Australia during the challenges of COVID-19 and led to a stronger, more engaged international student community at UQ.

Allianz Care Australia is one of Australia’s most experienced providers of health cover and support for overseas students, visitors and workers in Australia. Formerly Allianz Global Assistance, the new Allianz Care brand continues to assist almost 250,000 international visitors, workers and student members during and after the pandemic.

For more information on Allianz Care Australia and additional details on price changes, customers can visit Allianz Care Australia’s website. Partners can find out more by contacting