Trades providers

Become a Trade Provider

We need qualified professionals on standby to complete emergency repairs and undertake maintenance or installation work to make our customers feel safe and secure at home. If you have a trade and want to grow your business, work with us.

We need qualified, dependable tradespeople across the country to help our customers with emergency repairs, maintenance and modifications that help make life less risky around the home.

Want more work?

Becoming a trade provider with Allianz Worldwide PartnersĀ is an opportunity with scope to expand. We manage emergency repairs and everyday household installations through long-standing relationships with major clients including government departments and financial institutions.

Our clients have growing customer bases and that means an increasing volume of cases per year, with jobs delivered straight to you. The key benefits of joining our national network of tradespeople:

  • Access to a revenue stream that you’d otherwise not be associated with
  • Additional income without any investment in marketing
  • Build your industry profile and contacts with other businesses in our network
  • Achieve business growth more quickly through involvement in one or more of our range of programs, and access new ones as they get developed.

Join our network

Who we’re looking for

Builders, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters and all-round maintenance providers. If you’re qualified and willing to stand by the quality of your work, we’d love to have you on hand.

We’ll need to know:

  • What specific services you can provide?
  • The geographical area you can cover?
  • Your hours of operation /availability?
  • Your rates?

John May

Manager - Trade Provider Network