Health Equipment Suppliers

Increase the audience for your equipment

We need manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers of specialist mobility and rehabilitation equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs, ramps, rails, non-slip surfaces, adaptive appliances, splints, braces and more. Join our supplier network to expand your revenue base.

If you manufacture or supply mobility, rehabilitation, and lifestyle products designed to improve people’s health and wellbeing, we want to connect with you.

Improved promotion of your products

We’re a company that delivers seamless health and lifestyle support services Australia-wide. An important area of assistance we offer is access to mobility and rehabilitation products. If you supply quality equipment, talk to us about improving your market share.

Allianz Worldwide Partners is experienced, so you’ll always deal with professionals. We manage a geographically-broad, comprehensive, and multi-tiered supply chain of products and services, coordinating a large network of suppliers, including manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

We offer health equipment through connections with allied health professionals, and partnerships with various government, insurance and health organisations. We have established trust with both partners and customers. People rely on our guidance to choose health equipment, such as patients recovering from surgery and older Australians seeking help to enhance their comfort and improve activity levels.

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Benefits of becoming a supplier

  • We draw on solid relationships with health professionals nationwide
  • Our product advice and sales are available 24/7 online and over the phone
  • Great technical systems and support for suppliers?you’ll get a dedicated account manager
  • Work with a member of a global group of companies and professional team members
  • Access to training and quality systems to support your business.

Vicky O'Callaghan

National Network Manager Home & Health