About us

Help is always within reach

Our passion for assistance is personal. Our founder experienced first-hand the effort required to bring his injured son safely home from overseas, and was motivated to help others in need. Because home isn't just a place, it's a feeling of belonging and security. We're dedicated to making sure safety and comfort is always within your reach.

Limitless ability to help

  • Allianz Partners supports over 250 million people every year globally
  • Our Australian-based team has national networks and links in 35 countries
  • We’re part of the well-established Allianz Group, 100% owned by Allianz SE.


Staff nationwide waiting to help

Assistance is your lifeline beyond insurance

You’re never alone with Allianz Partners on your side. Plans go astray and accidents happen. While certainty is hard to come by, you’ll never doubt our desire to help you out. We keep our promise to be genuinely helpful every time you call, ask a question or make a claim. Our positive approach to problem-solving means we’re trusted by a wide range of partners to provide support that reflects how much they value their customers. Our team thoughtfully navigates complex situations and expertly assists people in need through specialist support, advice and action. That kind of connectivity relies on innovation, precision and sensitivity. We’re both an understanding ear, and the authoritative voice that delivers the assistance you need, when you need it most.

Our history as a caring company

  • Founded in Australia as medical assistance company Worldcare in 1983
  • In 2001 we joined the Allianz Group, under the name Mondial Assistance
  • Rebranded to become Allianz Global Assistance
  • In 2017 we came together with our sister companies Global Automotive and Allianz Worldwide Care to become Allianz Partners
  • Significant growth to become one of Australia’s leaders in assistance
  • Continued investment in technology and platforms to enhance our e-commerce capabilities and seamless support services